Thursday, January 7, 2016

I deleted system 32 on my laptop to help speed it up. But now whenever I turn it on I get a bunch of code. Anyone tell me how to fix it.?

Never or Ever delete the System 32 folder from C Drive by mistakenly, because the system 32 is folder which consists of all windows system files that are very important to need to run the operating system.

Most of the system operations that are required to run applications in windows that temporary folders are stored in System 32 folder only.

windows wont boot

If you delete the system 32 folder may things wont run in Windows booting...etc. the bunch code which means it saying that system 32 folder went missing and the required files in that folder to boot into operating system.

If you delete System 32 folder, System instead of speeding up it wont boot up means operating system can't be loaded.

Use recovery cd's or reinstall the operating system from the OS CD.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What is the Difference Between IPS and AMOLED?

Have you ever been observed that what the display technology that you’re mobile has been assembled with? So many people don’t check the specifications of the smartphone, whether which hardware they have used and ram and camera…etc.

display technology compare

Let us know about the display technology, now a days many smartphone manufactures are using the IPS (In-plane Switching)

Now will check about the pros and cons about the IPS Technology.


  • IPS technology was made for the LCD screen technology to overcome the limitations of the LCD display. As LCD display without IPS technology is not good for games and response time also low.
  • LCD display colors are viewed perfectly in the straight viewing angle only, With IPS attached to it results better viewing angle.
  • As the viewing angle is not perfect, the images display is not good, fi that of a IPS LCD display the images are much sharper.


  • IPS screen requires stronger backlight
  • It consumes more battery power.
  • Screens are typically much thicker

ips lcd vs super amoled

Now look at AMOLED screens


  • AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an upgraded display technology for OLED. It doesn’t depends on Backlight
  • The viewing angles are much better than any other display technology
  • AMOLED consumes less power compared to IPS display
  • Slimmer technology
  • Very Good Contrast levels


  • AMOLED screens are expensive technology
  • Images are not sharp compared to IPS
  • Daylight visibility is low
  • Display colors degraded overtime

So when it comes to LCD display that technology has developed well, Super IPS display has overcoming AMOLED screens.

For the better battery life and for the normal display colors go for the AMOLED screens.

But so many manufacturers are using the IPS technology and Smartphones with AMOLED are a bit expensive and has less hardware specifications compared to the smartphones that packed with IPS display.

We need to keep in mind that GPU also plays role in display technology.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Share It app By Lenovo Review

An easy way to transfer files or data from one mobile to another I mean android. Share it is the nice app for this kind of things.

Whenever I shared any file mainly by using Bluetooth or super beam. As super beam is mainly used by me, as updates process the app got some bugs where when I scan the QR code its not getting connected to other mobiles.

lenovo apps review

And I researched for a alternate app that is called Share It by Lenovo, feels good just a few taps to share your data with your friends.

Just install the app in the two android phones and tap receive in 2nd mobile and tap send in 1st mobile select the data or files or photos or videos and tap on send you will find near by devices and just tap on the device that is listed in the circles scanner and automatically the other mobile will receive the Data with about a speed of 100 Mbps.

That sounding awesome 100 Mbps, it known to be better app until now I have ever seen

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My iPad keeps disconnecting from my router?

I have an iPad Air with WiFi and no 3G. I also have a BT hub.
My family use a multitude of laptops etc which connect to the Internet. However, when I am online on my iPad, it will often randomly disconnect and I have to manually reconnect. It happens a lot while YouTube videos are being loaded.

wifi problem apple ipad

This problem doesn't occur on other devices we use, nor does it occur when I am using other people's Internet. 

Perfectly you are saying that this doesn't occur on other devices, it might be because there might be problem with the software (ios) once contact the apple service center and they will let you know.

Secondary is that, there might be the router restriction that it may be configured with to use some type of sites, I mean that the router is allows access to some websites or it might getting you block some websites from you ipad based on your iPad MAC address.

once go through the router configuration manual, is your router having the type of option.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why is my Wifi speed same as my Ethernet?

So look I have Comcast 150 mpbs,  Using a net gear router. So I tested my speed Ethernet and wireless at the same time But here is one thing why is my Ethernet speed same as wireless speed. Btw got 6 devices connected, 3 wired and 3 wireless,  all them get 156 upload, and 150 download, So can some tell me why I have the same speed for wire and wireless.

lan connection speed ethernet

Here what happens is the Internet speed for WiFi depends on the WiFi Signal and lets say that you have 5 point signal in your smartphone and the speed is full that which actually your internet have. If the WiFi signal strength is good or normal or poor you may experience the Internet Speed fluctuations or speed decreases.

Until you have a Excellent signal strength you don't face any Internet speed problems.

No need to worry about the speed as you are getting the speed as your Internet Service Provider promised, and your router is also working perfectly?

But for the LAN you may don't experience the Internet Speed problems.